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Become a good conversationalist

Give them a chance to speak. I try to talk in sound bites. I always think that a great conversation should be made up of equal sharing by both parties. The speaker is more likely to focus more on the person who is smiling. So have a genuine interest in everyone you speak to.

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  1. How To Become A Great Conversationalist. First, Say Something. It may seem like making small talk comes more naturally to some than others, but that's a myth. Prepare a Catchy Intro. Now that you've initiated the conversation, the next thing to do is to introduce yourself, says Carducci. Go Fishing. Remember the 5 Ws .

  2. These 10 links will help. Break the awkward silence with one of these five questions. (Learn how to avoid being dominated in conversation. (Here are 10 tips for being a great conversationalist—like steer for positive topics. (Discover how to develop a small talk style that's % you. .

  3. Are you a good conversationalist? What makes someone a good conversationalist? Being a good conversationalist is important be it in business, social.

  4. Below are ten timeless rules I apply to all my conversations: Be genuinely interested in the person. Focus on the positives. Converse, not debate (or argue). Respect; don't impose, criticize, or judge. Put the person in his/her best light. Embrace differences while building on commonalities. Be true to yourself.

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