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Fleming Posts Strong Fundraising Numbers

July 7th, 2015

Today, Rep. John Fleming (R-LA04) announced his fundraising efforts that included over $740K raised in the second quarter, posting a cash-on-hand of nearly $2.1M.


Fleming has indicated a desire to run for Senator Vitter’s possible open seat should Vitter win his bid to become the state’s next governor this Fall.


“I fully support David Vitter’s campaign for Governor, and I want to ensure that Louisiana has a trusted conservative to take his place in the Senate when this seat becomes open. The encouragement I have been receiving from around the state has been very gratifying,” said Fleming.


Fleming Endorses Vitter for Governor

February 19th, 2015

Shreveport, LA – Congressman John Fleming, M.D., released the following statement today announcing his endorsement of Senator David Vitter for Governor of Louisiana:


“It is with great hope for Louisiana’s future that I announce my official endorsement of Senator David Vitter to be our state’s next Governor. He has consistently shown the leadership Louisiana will need to effectively move forward.


“As a state lawmaker, David led the fight to end ridiculous taxpayer-funded perks for local politicians. As a U.S. Senator, David is working to protect hard-working Louisiana taxpayers from Washington’s penchant for wasteful spending and higher taxes. I also agree wholeheartedly with Senator Vitter’s commitment to end Common Core and its reliance on Washington bureaucrats. Louisiana parents and teachers know much better how to educate their children.


“For these reasons, and many more, I enthusiastically endorse David Vitter to be Louisiana’s next Governor, and I look forward to supporting his campaign effort and working with him after he is elected.”

Thank You!

November 5th, 2014

“The people of Louisiana’s 4th District joined with voters all across our great land on Election Day to send a strong conservative message. Together we elected a Congress that will continue to fight to repeal Obamacare, that will roll back the job-crushing regulations imposed by the Obama Administration, that will work to rebuild our great military from the cuts of recent years, and that will stand against the president’s efforts to encourage illegal immigration.

To my constituents in Louisiana, I am grateful for your trust in me and proud to represent your values in Washington. It is an honor to be re-elected and my staff and I look forward to serving you in the 114th Congress.”  – Congressman John Fleming, M.D.

Fleming Gets High Marks from Conservative Review

October 31st, 2014

Shreveport, LA – Conservative Review has released its “Liberty Scorecard,” a measure of votes taken by Members of Congress over the past six years. The votes are scored on the basis of how they support conservative principles.


Congressman John Fleming, M.D., received the highest score of the Louisiana congressional delegation on the “Liberty Scorecard.” According to a profile published on the organization’s website, Fleming “is clearly the most conservative member from Louisiana and is among the more consistent conservatives within the House Conference.” In announcing the scorecard, Conservative Review explained that, “Rep. Fleming not only scores well on the Liberty Score, but uses his elected position to serve as a voice for conservative values.”


The Conservative Review scorecard can be found here.

Fleming Endorsed for Cutting Wasteful Government Spending

August 29th, 2014

Shreveport, LA – Congressman John Fleming, M.D., released the following statement after receiving the endorsement of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Political Action Committee (CCAGW PAC):


“I’m proud to have been labeled a Taxpayer Hero by CCAGW for working to cut wasteful spending, reduce taxes, and make government more accountable and transparent. President Obama and Washington liberals have not made that fight easy, piling up record deficits, and creating a new entitlement that assures more debt. But, I will continue to fight to cut government spending, to repeal Obamacare, to reduce the tax burden on hard-working Americans, and to stop this government from heaping more debt on the backs of our children and grandchildren.”

Fleming Runs for Re-Election to Congress

August 27th, 2014


Shreveport, LA – Congressman John Fleming, M.D., released the following statement on 8/20/14, as he was qualified to run for re-election to represent Louisiana’s Fourth Congressional District:


“My commitment to the people of the Fourth District has remained the same since I was first elected in 2008. They are my neighbors and I share their values, and I’ve spent nearly six years fighting for those values in Washington, in the face of a government run amuck. Together, we’ve fought a radical liberal agenda that is bent on expanding government’s reach into every facet of our lives.


It’s Time to Focus on Defeating Landrieu

April 4th, 2013

“Mary Landrieu needs to be replaced in 2014. Her record is abysmal. She’s turned her back on Louisiana values and become a full-fledged devotee of the Obama agenda.

“I’m grateful for the many Louisianians who have urged me to challenge Senator Landrieu in 2014. We share a desire to replace her in the U.S. Senate. That desire is so strong, that for me to enter the race now would risk a contest between two experienced Republican Congressmen, potentially offering Senator Landrieu a path back to Washington. I can’t let that happen. My friend, Bill Cassidy, has long prepared and now stepped forward to challenge Mary, and he offers Louisiana’s voters a Republican alternative necessary in 2014 to replace a big-government Washington liberal. Therefore, with prayerful analysis, my family and I have decided to step aside for this Senate race to optimize the chance for Republicans to win this vital seat.

“This past week I have met with great people from all walks of life in the Fourth District. I continue to hear from them about how the Obama years have hammered small businesses, cost jobs, and increased taxes. Many have told me of their serious concerns about the Obama gun control agenda. And now business owners and individuals are asking questions about the damaging effects of Obamacare. I am convinced that the best thing we can do to stem this dangerous tide is to end the reign of Senate Democrats, and Louisianians can take a step in that direction by replacing Mary Landrieu.”

Landrieu Votes Against Second Amendment

March 28th, 2013

Shreveport, LA – Congressman John Fleming, M.D., released the following statement in response to Senator Mary Landrieu’s vote against a Senate procedure that could keep the Senate from limiting the Second Amendment (Roll Call vote #87), and her vote against an amendment that would have prevented the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (Roll Call vote #91):

“Is this what Mary Landrieu means by looking for ‘a way to balance our Second Amendment rights’? Does she really want the United Nations to have a role in U.S. gun laws? I’ve cosponsored a House resolution urging the President to not sign the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, but Mary Landrieu has refused to cosponsor a similar bipartisan resolution in the Senate, and last weekend she voted NO on an amendment aimed at keeping us out of that U.N. treaty. That amendment passed the Senate with bipartisan support, but Mary seems to think that the United Nations might have some good ideas about gun laws and our national security.

“Mary also joined Washington liberals in rejecting an amendment that would have made it tougher for the Senate to limit the Second Amendment rights of Americans. I am fighting in Washington to protect law-abiding Louisianians from the onslaught of gun restrictions being proposed by Washington liberals. Louisiana needs another Senator who is willing to do the same.”

Landrieu Supports Higher Taxes and More Spending

March 28th, 2013

Shreveport, LA – Congressman John Fleming, M.D., released the following statement in response to Senator Mary Landrieu’s vote for higher taxes in a budget that does not balance (Roll Call vote #92):

“Now we know why Mary Landrieu and Washington Democrats took four years to finally pass a budget. The budget she voted for last weekend calls for nearly $1 trillion in new taxes. And, despite those massive tax increases on hard-working Louisianians, the budget Landrieu supported also does not balance at any point over the next decade. Instead, it would cause our national debt to soar. Try that approach in your home or business and see how long it works.

“Mary Landrieu has shown no willingness to stop Washington’s out-of-control spending. In a separate vote last week, she refused to end Washington’s mobile phone welfare program (Roll Call vote #84). Last year the federal government spent about $2.2 billion for phones, many for people who may not have been eligible for them.

“Back in January Mary Landrieu supported a $600 billion increase in federal taxes, but now she wants almost $1 trillion more to spend, with no plan to stop the rise of our national debt that has skyrocketed to $17.7 trillion. Mary needs to stop siding with President Obama and Washington liberals.”

Landrieu Supports Taxes on Life-Saving Medical Devices and Subsidized Health Care for Illegal Immigrants

March 25th, 2013

Shreveport, LA – Congressman John Fleming, M.D., released the following statement after Senator Mary Landrieu voted against repealing Obamcare (Roll Call vote #51), voted for the medical device tax (Roll Call vote #47), and voted for taxpayer-funded health care coverage for illegal immigrants (Roll Call vote #77):


“What is she thinking? Thirty-two Senate Democrats voted last week to repeal the medical device tax. But not Mary Landrieu. The Obamacare medical device tax has killed jobs and stifled innovation. Worse yet, the tax threatens the well being of patients by slapping a $29 billion tax on the medical device industry, making MRI machines and pacemakers more expensive. Most Senators – even some Washington liberals – realized those terrible ramifications and voted to repeal it. But not Mary Landrieu. She voted to keep taxing hard-working Louisianians to pay for Obamacare. To add insult to injury, Senator Landrieu also voted to use your tax dollars to pay for health care for illegal immigrants. Taxpayer-subsidized health care for those who have come here illegally only encourages more illegal immigration and hastens the insolvency of our entitlement programs.”


“Mary Landrieu continues to betray the values of Louisianians, while she embraces the radical agenda of President Obama and Washington liberals.”

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