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Second Amendment

I believe the Constitution is the foundation that makes the United States great. Even as many in Washington turn their backs on the principles of our Founding Fathers, I continue to cherish and uphold these values to their fullest extent.


It was no accident that our forefathers included the right to bear arms in the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Self-defense is a fundamental right of all law-abiding Americans and must be protected.


As a member of the National Rifle Association – who endorsed me in 2010 – and Gun Owners of America, I’ll continue to stand up to the liberal Gun Control Lobby in Washington. I refuse to compromise the fundamental rights of Americans to protect themselves and their families and to enjoy outdoor sports like shooting and hunting.


As long as I’m your representative, the voice of gun owners will be heard in defense of our Second Amendment rights.

Meet John

  • John Fleming, MD, serves the people of Louisiana’s Fourth District in Congress to uphold the Constitution, fight for a smaller, limited government, and reinstate conservative values on which this country was founded.