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Sanctity of Life

As a doctor, I spent more than thirty years protecting the lives of people, born or unborn. I carry that same mission with me to Washington.


As a physician, I’ve spent 36 years of my life practicing medicine in a way that protects the lives of my patients, including expectant mothers and newborns. As a Congressman, my cause is the same.


One of the greatest privileges of being a family practice doctor is having helped hundreds of people enter this world. The medical and scientific communities are clear: life begins at conception.


I will continue to work tirelessly to protect the sanctity of life and prevent the senseless killing of millions of children not given an opportunity to live. That’s why the National Right to Life Committee gave me a 100% on their 2011-2012 scorecard and the Family Research Council gives me a 100% score for advancing faith, family and freedom.


To me, this isn’t just a political matter. It’s a matter of conscience. It’s a matter of doing what’s right. Abortion is a perversion of medicine and a perversion of law.


I am wholeheartedly committed to protecting the defenseless and innocent. And I’ll continue to do everything in my power to protect the sanctity of life.

Meet John

  • John Fleming, MD, serves the people of Louisiana’s Fourth District in Congress to uphold the Constitution, fight for a smaller, limited government, and reinstate conservative values on which this country was founded.