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Find out more about “Why We Need to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare.”


After devoting more than three decades of my life to practicing medicine, I am deeply concerned about the recent invasion of government into the patient-doctor relationship.


To be blunt: repealing ObamaCare is my top priority. This greatly flawed mandate imposes job-killing taxes, thrusts government between the doctor and the patient, and cuts services that Louisiana seniors depend on. It should never have been passed and its repeal is of critical importance for the future of our country. I’m committed to repealing this horrendous piece of legislation.


I acknowledge that healthcare in this country must be more cost effective. But the answer isn’t an intrusive and expensive government- administered healthcare plan for America. As I continue to represent the people of Louisiana, I’ll bring common sense and years of experience to this debate to help repeal this disastrous law and implement common sense reforms


Meet John

  • John Fleming, MD, serves the people of Louisiana’s Fourth District in Congress to uphold the Constitution, fight for a smaller, limited government, and reinstate conservative values on which this country was founded.