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Economy and Jobs

Government needs to get out of the way and let business do what it does best: provide services and products to consumers at the best possible price and quality.


Each day, Louisiana families suffer the consequences of Obama’s failed economic policies. Even worse, big government policies from the White House and liberals in Congress are keeping many families from climbing out of the financial hole they’ve fallen into.


With their strong work ethic, ingenuity, and determination, the people throughout Louisiana’s Fourth District embody what’s best about America. Unfortunately, excessive government regulation and wasteful spending prevent us from unleashing our full potential to better our families and communities.


That’s why I’m committed to fighting the growth of government. I opposed corporate bailouts, the so-called “stimulus” packages, and the reckless spending of the Obama administration. That’s why I’ve voted to reduce the tax burden on American workers.


As a small business owner myself, I personally understand how excessive regulation burden small businesses, which are the foundation of our economy. I work tirelessly to protect them, and that’s why the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council named me a “100% Pro-Entrepreneur Champion Voter.”


The bottom line is that I trust the people of Louisiana to work hard, start successful businesses and boost the economy. That’s only possible when government gets out of the way and leaves more of your hard earned money in your pocket – so you’re free to choose how and when to spend it.


I trust America’s workers and business owners to do what’s right, not the regulators and bureaucrats in Washington. That’s why I will continue to work hard to reduce the size of government so that the American people can do what they do best: face adversity head-on and come out on top.


Meet John

  • John Fleming, MD, serves the people of Louisiana’s Fourth District in Congress to uphold the Constitution, fight for a smaller, limited government, and reinstate conservative values on which this country was founded.