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Conservative Values

America needs to return to the conservative values that this country was founded upon and that made the United States the greatest in the world.


I proudly consider myself a Reagan Republican. I’m dedicated to upholding conservative values on fiscal and traditional family issues as well a staunch supporter of American military might. As Reagan used to say, trust but verify. Washington’s deficit spending and big government approach must be stopped.


If we actually return to conservative values, we can and will lead the United States into a new era of prosperity. We need to defend life from conception to natural death, uphold traditional marriages and prevent the government from becoming a nanny to all.


I am also a strong supporter of our ally, Israel. Israel’s existence is under constant threat and it’s essential that the U.S. never wavers in its support for the Israeli people.


There are plenty of politicians who claim to be conservative, but I have the record to back it up. The American Conservative Union has consistently rated me highly and Americans for Prosperity give me a 100% score for conservative votes during the 111th Congress.

Meet John

  • John Fleming, MD, serves the people of Louisiana’s Fourth District in Congress to uphold the Constitution, fight for a smaller, limited government, and reinstate conservative values on which this country was founded.