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Affectionate means in tagalog

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  1. Search Query: affectionate affectionate; fond; lovesome; tender; warm. having or English, Tagalog. affection. amor; giliw; karinyo; mahal; pag-irog;. affection.

  2. English Definition: (verb) to caress; to show fondness, affection, tenderness. Examples: Maglambing ka naman ng konti sa iyong kasintahan. (You should try to.

  3. Public displays of affection is not overly common in traditional Thai society, (Thai: ชุดไทย Thai pronunciation: [tɕʰút.tʰaj]) which literally means "Thai outfit".

  4. Jun 28, - Dayong - used affectionately by Panggalatoks to address a little kid, whether a .. Kaibigan/Friend - used as it means in Tagalog or English;.

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