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Responding to divorce summons

Be sure to get your answer to the plaintiff and the court by that deadline. Read your summons carefully — it will tell you how much time you have to answer. You will not necessarily need to file the Financial Statement by the time you file your Answer. This means the county where the complaint was filed. The Defendant's name - your name.

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Responding to divorce summons Responding to divorce summons Responding to divorce summons

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  1. Jun 22, - Part 3. Responding to a Divorce Petition. Respond in a timely manner. Fill out your court forms. Have someone review your forms. File your forms with the clerk of courts. Serve the other party. File your proof of service. Attend your court hearing.

  2. When you receive a Summons and Complaint in a divorce action, you typically have 20 days in which to respond. Your response to the Summons is known as.

  3. Apr 16, - In the paperwork you receive, the summons will tell you how many protected days you have (usually 20) to respond to the petition with an.

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