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Narfle the garthok

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Narfle the garthok Narfle the garthok

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  1. 1. Fighting a tough enemy against your own will. (Movie Definition) 2. You/Friend(s) about to sleep with someone nasty 3. Taking a shit.

  2. and short staff. If the garthok is successfully gnarfled, the prisoner regains his honor. If he fails the conehead is killed and eaten by the garthok. #narfle the garthok#narfel the garthok#gnarfle the garthog#trial by fire#x. by Brian McManus.

  3. In the movie Coneheads, The Garthok is a six-limbed giant animal native to flemingforla.com taloned, tusked, and single horned beasts emerge every Zerl, or Remulakian Year, specifically when the three moons of Remulak flemingforla.com this time of Zerl the Remulakians or Coneheaded.

  4. Keep Calm and Narfle the Garthok. “Keep Calm and Narfle the Garthok” by EightballArt. “Sometimes I feel I've got to ACK ACK get away, I've got to ACK ACK get.

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